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Ant Pest Control In Greysteel

There are two pest species of ants in Greysteel, the first being the garden ant, renowned for being a nuisance species, they can infest and potentially contaminate food and food related products. The second species in the Pharaohs ant is primarily found indoors and are renowned for there habit of infesting hospitals causing potential health and safety problems. There nests are located within cavities and fissures and have been known to exceed 400,000 individuals.

uk house hold ant pest control Newry

Attracted to sweet foods, leaving a pheromone trail from nest to food source

Worker ants are 3-5 mm in size

Queens lay eggs in nests in soil, brickwork or under bark

Swarm annually (August) with young queens setting up new colonies

Types of ants found in Greysteel

garden ant

Garden Ant

  • 5 mm long
  • Queens:15 mm long
  • Dark brown/black in colouration
  • Primarily found in and around Greysteel gardens

Greysteel Ant Pest Control Treatment

Effective control includes a full site survey to determine the extent of the infestation and location of primary nesting sites, the application of an appropriate pesticide. Treatment of the garden ant may include up to 3 visits and proofing if deemed necessary will be implemented to block off ant pathways into the home.

pharoah ant

Pharaoh Ant

  • 2-3 mm long
  • Yellow/yellow-brown with brown abdomen
  • Queens: slightly red in colouration/winged


To obtain effective control of the pharaoh ant, a full and vigorous site survey needs to be implemented before treatment is carried out because of the danger of splitting colonies thus further complicating the procedure. After we have monitored and assessed the size of the colony, we proceed with the treatments, up to 5 site visits may be necessary to obtain complete control.

Beat A Pest: Proactive approach to pest control

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